Steel Building

Steel Building

Steel buildings are faster, tougher, and more economical to build and operate than conventional stick-built structures. Because of diverse design components, steel buildings now offer a broad range of customizable features, allowing us to build everything from big retail stores to warehouses, churches to pole barns, auto dealerships to aircraft hangers.

Steel building construction is a remarkably fast, efficient, and reliable choice. Your steel building is pre-built in a factory in parts. Because these components are created in an assembly-line process under controlled conditions, the accuracy, and precision, as well as the speed of production, increases. You reap rewards of both quality and economy.

Steel building construction provides a durable, weather-resistant structure that withstands time and stress. These buildings are virtually maintenance free. Their strength and stability allow for maximum clearance and open space.

Let T-Ross Brothers Construction guide you through the process of designing and erecting a pre-engineered steel building. We have been integrating pre-engineered steel components into our products since the early 1970’s.