Construction Management

T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. management provides project leadership and maintains the focus on the construction schedule. Working in tandem with your team, we effectively communicate with the project participants, schedule and monitor the work and progress of subcontractors, provide project documentation, and follow-up on any issues until resolved – delivering your build on-time and within your desired budget.

Here’s what you can expect from T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. management team:

  • Act as your single point of contact for all construction items.
  • Manage every subcontract for you.
  • Fully control the construction schedule, cost, and quality throughout your project.
  • Work collaboratively with your team and the architect to ensure the success of your project.
  • Identify and suggest alternative construction methods and materials to ensure that you will receive the best value for your money.
  • With T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. management team on your side, you are guaranteed your project will run smoothly, on-time, and within your budget.