Religious Facilities

Sanctuary – a place of refuge, peace, safety and reverence. That’s what you create when you build, remodel or maintain your religious facility with T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc..

The T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. team helps you understand what you need, respects what you can afford and honors the traditions and values of your congregation. With more than 60 years of experience in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. is rooted in the culture and identity of the communities they serve. The T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. team respects the spiritual diversity of the area and strive to create buildings that build and nurture these congregations.

T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. is uniquely suited to religious facility construction through our Design-Build process that integrates all phases from concept to completion. Through this streamlined design and construction process, we can make recommendations on how your facility can be built with greater efficiency and economy. The Design-Build process also improves communication since design and construction professionals are all at the same table from the very beginning, and it provides you with a single-point-of- contact.

In addition to renovating and constructing churches, T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. team also has extensive experience in steeple refurbishment.

Christ Wesleyan Church

Milton, PA