Green Building

T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. have in-house Project Managers with extensive GREEN training and have received certification as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals. This allows T-Ross Brothers Construction, Inc. to successfully guide the project team through the steps of a LEED Project.

While reducing adverse impacts on the earth, GREEN design can also reduce operating costs and create a building that is much healthier for the occupants; both physically and emotionally. A GREEN design building will have lower utility bills and many other advantages that work together as part of the GREEN Building system.

LEED is a system that promotes higher standards of energy use & environmental practices in projects and officially designates/awards projects based upon a scale of points that can be earned with four levels of energy & environmental steps. LEED does not invent any standards, they only try to meet and/or exceed standards and principals set by authorities relating to certain project areas. (i.e.: ASHREA Standards for Natural Ventilation Credits)

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